Sunday, 29 May 2011

Well, it's been awhile

Today's post is brought to you by Oliver, whom I have never even met.

Lowry Lion Statue at Berwick-upon-tweed

The photographer who took this picture said of this lion that it seemed “particularly demonic,” and that “personally, I feel this is because of the open mouth and white eyes.”

First, that is an amazing bit of exposition. Way to dig down deep into your feelings there, photographer.

I agreed with him when I first saw this image, though. However, I saved it to my desktop almost a month ago, intending to make this post, and never got around to it. Over the weeks, the more I looked at the lion, the more I warmed to it. About a week ago I decided it was downright adorable.

Now, that’s obviously my own personal issue that we need not get into. But I do this the expression is less demonic and more surprised, as if it’s thinking “Demonic? Who, me?”

Poor guy.

Or maybe he’s just shocked that his head is so small compared to the rest of his body. Or that, if you took away that mane/beard, he would have the neck of a giraffe under there.

And really, what’s less demonic than an adorable little liaffe (or a gion)?

I’ll just leave you to ponder the implications of that romantic encounter.