Thursday, 23 June 2011

I Think I'm Being Followed...

Since I began this blog, I’m pretty sure bad lions have started stalking me. Out for a walk? Bad lion statue. Glancing at a billboard? Bad lion ad.

And then I was in the library, opened up a book, and was greeted by:

They’re even infiltrating my reading.

I’m not sure what they want, yet. This one appears to have had a stroke, based on the way one side of his face is melting off, so perhaps he’s just after some medical attention.

As for the rest? No one knows.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Baddest Lion of Them All

I can't believe I've let this blog go on for as long as I have without posting this:

And now you'll have the song stuck in your head until you die.

You're welcome.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Lion and the Lamb: NOT a Twilight Reference

In case you hadn’t realized, that little one is supposed to be a lamb. I don’t really know what’s supposed to distinguish it as a lamb, since it has the same snout/nose, ear placement, eye shape and fringe as the lion.

I guess it’s the scales covering its body that identify it as a sheep.

However, none of us are here for bad lambs (we could get that at the local curry place)—so I’ll just point out the extraordinarily sassy expression on that little lamb’s face. You can just see it thinking how badass it is, being cradled/squashed/molested by that ‘lion’. (Seriously, where is the back half of its body? Because if it’s under that lion, it should be looking less ‘sassy’ and more ‘permanently disfigured’)

But on to the lion. The contrast between the two expressions may be my favorite part of this statue. That lion is freaked out. I have no idea what’s happening out of the frame of this picture, but the lion is not feeling it. Sassy lamb doesn’t give a rat’s ass, though.

And look at the lion’s paws. No really, what is happening there?! Not only does it have human fingers, but on the paw on the right, it has FINGERNAILS.

Seriously, sculptor? It’s one thing to have never seen a lion before—but have you never seen an animal before?

Well, let me give you an important hint: they don’t have people hands.