Saturday, 23 April 2011

Reader Submission

Today’s submission comes from the lovely Joanne.

This statue of two lions is, apparently, in Cambodia. More importantly, it’s hideous.

And, although perspective can be a tricky thing, it appears to be very large.

Because if you’re going to make ugly art, you may as well make it enormous!*

The gold color used here wouldn’t be problematic in and of itself, but with the odd wiry black hairs, the bright white teeth, and the red inside the male’s mouth, it becomes downright offensive to the eyes.

Speaking of eyes—these are CRAZY. Just stare into the male's eyes for a second, and then tell me he doesn't have some deep-seated issues, clawing to get out.

But I think the worst part for me is the lioness’ neck.

Can someone please tell me why she’s part snake?

Found a bad lion? Send it in to!

*This is, as far as I'm concerned, Jeff Koons' motto in life.

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