Thursday, 17 October 2013

Congratulations, You Ruined It

You all may remember this brilliant piece of lion taxidermy:

Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that the artists have more lion pieces. The bad news is that they do, indeed, "represent" something:

"The striking beauty and the vividness of the animals that figure in the works, conjure powerful emotions of awe and inspiration before giving way to our morbid curiosity surrounding death, which leads us ultimately to think of our own mortality. This contrast between beauty, luxury and greed coupled with the mystery of death, timelessly preserved, transports one into a transient state of mind, in which anything is possible." (from This Must be Designed by Idiots)*

Jesus. Why can't they just say: I wanted to see if I could shove a massive hunk of quartz into a lion:

No one would judge them for that.

* Note: I like how the minerals/metals represent "greed and luxury", while the animals represent "awe and beauty" -- as if gold and quartz aren't just beautiful products of nature, too. If they wanted a contrast, they should have seen if they could stick a flatscreen TV inside the lion.**

**Note: I very much encourage someone to do this.

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