Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Harry Potter Movie Tie-In!

Up to this point, I’ve avoided making fun of fanart on this blog, because if the professionals can’t get lions right, why should I expect the amateurs to?

I mean, as we’ve established, drawing lions is HARD. You can be a ‘master’ and still not get them right.

But how about something easy? Maybe you’re not that familiar with lions, but surely you can copy a simple line drawing that’s right in front of you?

So, in honor of the last HP movie, I give you: Gryffindor House Crests.

Here’s the original upon which all the rest are based:

I’ll admit, there’s not a lot to work with here. Rather than ‘traditional heraldic imagery’ they decided to go with ‘cuddly plush toy.’ But, you know, fine. Whatever flies your broom, and all that.

So now, on to the fanart:

This one actually looks fiercer looking than the original, so points for that.

This one stuck with the ‘cuddly toy’ motif, but made the decision to give it a PIERCING DEMON EYE. Because that’s what most cuddly toys are missing.

The Gryffindor Lion: now a different race!

(Also, please try to imagine how those legs might meet up with that torso, if the banner wasn’t there. Special, right?)

The Gryffindor lion goes to a rave!

The Gryffindor lion does the Macarena!

And finally, what might be my absolute favorite:

I only wish I had a bigger image.

Stay tuned, because there’s more Harry Potter coming your way.

And if you think it’s mean to make fun of fans' drawings, let me just note that these are the kind of people who do this, and label it a “hippogrif” [sic]:

Call it what you want, but that, good sir, is a LLAMA.

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